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Canaletto's paintings and more

All throughout the website you will find the imagery related to Canaletto's work and other artists of the XVII and XVIII century.

All images you will find in this website may have been a little tweaked in Photoshop by me.

What I have changed/added to make them more readable/enjoyable:

  • borders, very rarely
  • changed/added ancient print/paper/paint color. There are several, not too many, though, I tried to stay as much as possible “in the real”, considering that old paper had surely yellowed and old oil paint has almost for sure quite faded out with the time passing. Tried not to do too much.
  • Sometimes I may have made colors a little better from how they were in my original sources, considering fading in time and pollution damage. To make them as close as they must have been when put on the canvas, I hope.



All images you will find in these pages are coming from books I have scanned, or are available internet material.

Sometimes they came out from commercial websites which sell these public domain images to whom can afford to pay.

All these images won’t bring any money to the artists or their descendants.
So ... copyleft? You decide.

And all text has been quite researched - not superficial but essential - to give a good idea of the history behind Canaletto and the painting production scene of the Rococo and Baroque periods.

Hope you will appreciate my choices.

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